Radgepacket 5 – Tales from the Inner Cities. Cover art and release date.


Cracking front cover design! My short story ‘The Estate’ appears at the end of the collection of gritty, suburban tales.

The story flits between past, present and future tense, following our protagonist – a policeman on a tactical response team – as he pursues a young offender on a tough council estate in working-class Stoke-on-Trent. As the chase, and the story, progresses, we realise the protagonist knows more about this particular estate than we realised – he grew up on it. As his past tense relives his childhood , the growing pains, and we realise there is more to this man’s motivations than first meetss the eye. A taut, psychological, twisty tale.

The first draft was written almost four years ago, and inspired by my strict reading diet of Irvine Welsh at that time. The 12’000 word story still stands as my proudest achievement.

There’s other great contributors too, such as Ian Ayris and Paul D. Brazil. The release date is March 19th, and the title will be available from Amazon and Borders, as well as Ebook and Kindle formats, later this year.

Danny Hill

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